After a 34 hour journey we finally arrived to Cancùn. It took us no longer than 24 hours before we adapted the look of two british lobsters on vacation. Cancùn is a plastic tourist paradise. We've never seen anything like it. 20 km of hotels, hotels and hotels. Luckily, our own little shack was located in Ciudad Cancùn - off the worst beaten track of American tourism. Anyhow, it's a pretty cool place. Our favorite spot in the city is its Zocalo, located in the center of the town. It's a sort of town square just like back home except for the mere difference that you're actually supposed to use the space you're given. No matter your age or preference, this is your place in Cancùn. So far on the Zocalo we've witnessed a singer giving us Imagine by John Lennon without using any actual words and some youngsters putting on a street cirkus. Yesterday the owner of a taco place on the Zoca saw us painting and asked us to make him a little something. So we did and now we have a life time supply of tacos when in Cancùn.

Early this morning we arrived to Palenque. Sitting on THEIR Zocalo now where they actually have free wifi. Surrounded by mountains and jungle. This is gonna be good.

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  1. Wää, ser väldigt varmt och jättevarmt och varmt ut. Ha det brääää!!

  2. Hej yous, jag vet inte om ni kollar facebookarna så jag tänkte bara tipsa er här; jag ska va med förutsatt att jag passerar screeningen. Aidus kanske iofs inte kan va med om du inte tål laktos kom jag på nu. Men annars: http://www.sahlgrenska.se/sv/SU/Forskning/Centrum-for-klinisk-provning/Lakemedelsstudie-Polio/ . Man ligger inne 19 dagar på sahlgrenska och får 50 000 spänn. Fina grejer!

  3. eeeeeeeh nar???? ska vi ligga inne tillsammans?????